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Allow me to introduce myself... And the most incredible dog in the world!

Hi there! My name is Danielle, and yes, this big beautiful beast I’m holding happens to be my furbaby and my best friend. His name is Baloo. My furry muse.

I’m what you would consider a very tiny, itty bitty amateur children’s writer. Although I’ve been reading and writing since I can remember, I just started working on two of my very first children’s books–or should I say attempts at actual children’s books. 😉 I like to call these my “baby projects” and I can’t wait to send them off… Once I finish, polish, and do plenty of necessary research, of course!

P.S.– Bigfoot has served to be an ironically surprising inspiration to my work, hence the logo.

So here it is: My FIRST post! Like my manuscripts, this blog is a very new work-in-progress. So please, bear with me!

Much love,

Danielle Desmond-Luna