About Danielle


Danielle Desmond-Luna from Yakima, Washington (Yakama Indian Reservation) is a full-time college student majoring in English/Creative Writing and Digital Media Arts. As a Christian youth worker and advocate of the Native American cause, she nurtures an intense passion for a variety of Native American cultures in the U.S., including her own strong Irish family roots. Her purpose in writing is to create a unique and accurate awareness of contemporary Native American life & culture in children’s literature.

When she’s not writing you can find her running around with her rambunctious mutt (literally), building up her photography, filmmaking, and video game design portfolio under her Media Arts Company–Savage Moon Studios, driving her loving husband crazy, and experimenting in one of her most favorite places in the entire world–her cozy little kitchen.

Danielle and her husband, Jasper


A few of her favorite children’s books include:
The Good Luck Cat By: Joy Harjo, When A Dragon Moves In By: Jodi Moore, Fraidyzoo By: Thyra Heder, Frankenstein Makes A Sandwich By: Adam Rex, and The Monstore By: Tara Lazar.




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